Zula of the Fire Nation
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Dimension Twist

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Azula - The Guru / The Crossroads of Destiny - 2x19/2x20

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The greatest gift and honor…is having you for a daughter.

I wished this great man would be my father    my parents would never ever think something near to that    they dislike me    ...    mulan    Disney    



Their third fight
Location: Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, on the Drill
Victor: Aang

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No, it can’t be! How did you get back here before us?

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Mickey’s Trailer (1938)

I had this on videocassette!!*__* Why must the old beautiful days pass so fast and never come back?? Why must things change!!?*________*
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I don’t care, you fool. Get out of my way. I’ll break it down myself.

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Anonymous asked,

Disney or Avatar-The Last Airbender?

DISNEY of course!!=)

Nothing is comparable. I also loved ATLA, but I do not anymore. The only thing I love is Azula Azula Azula. She was the reason why I watched it. I mean, yes I like some episodes of ATLA, and it makes me laugh. But it will never be like DISNEY or KIM POSSIBLE!! NEVER!!
Disney is a big part of my life, I really think how my life would be if I wouldn’t be a Disney Fan. I hope I will ALWAYS be Disnerd!!=)

So my answer is pretty clear and shot: DISNEY!!

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rons face is one of the best things about kim possible tbh

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